Look Forward to Chowdown

Your personal dine-in assistant


Made For You

Chowdown (powered by MakesSense) is a personal dine-in assistant, designed to make dining out as easy and fun as ever.

Chowdown is all about you. Let Chowdown know what, where, and how you like to eat!

We're currently in development, so make sure you sign up for potential deals and updates below to learn about our launch!

Chowdown as easy as 1-2-3

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Find exactly what suits your tastes buds!

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View the menu & add to your plate!

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Split & pay your bill whenever you're ready!


By Servers, 

For Servers.

Chowdown's platform has been designed with advice from servers all over the country! Over 50 restaurants and hundreds of restaurant staffers have contributed to help make Chowdown easy and fun to use.